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Medication abortion is safe, effective, and discreet—but only 1 in 4 adults knows that it’s an option. Let’s change that.

Hey Jane's Un-Whisper Network is here for students who are passionate about expanding abortion access.

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Medication abortion is a safe option

It’s been FDA-approved since 2000 and is safer than many common drugs.

But not enough people know about it

Only 1 in 4 adults has heard of medication abortion. We need to increase awareness.

Your community trusts you

Nearly half of abortion patients first turn to friends, family, or social media for treatment information—you're a powerful resource.

Here's how you can spread the word

Help put the power back in people’s hands by letting them know that medication abortion is a safe and effective option. When you join the Un-Whisper Network you’ll get our monthly action toolkit, which includes:

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Get the facts

There's a lot of misinformation out there about abortion—which is why our team has put together medically accurate resources (no PhD required).

Check out our blog for articles on all things abortion-related, so that you can speak confidently and credibly about the issue.

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