Abortion pills, including mifepristone, are still legal and available through Hey Jane.

How should I prepare for an abortion with pills?

Here are some tips to help you get ready before you take the pills. 

Pick up a few items from your local pharmacy or online store:

  • Menstrual pads (not tampons)
  • Heating pad 
  • Over-the-counter pain medicine (ibuprofen is preferred) 

Choose a time when you will take each medicine. 

  • The cramping and bleeding usually start a few hours after you take the second medicine (misoprostol), so choose a time when you’ve had a good meal, plenty of rest, and can be in a comfortable, private place (like your home) where you can rest. 

Drink plenty of water during the treatment process

  • Eating lightly (i.e. crackers or toast) may also help with nausea

Review treatment instructions and what to expect

  • Heavy bleeding, cramping, nausea, fever or chills are common side effects in the first 24 hours after taking the second medicine (misoprostol). Emergencies from this treatment are rare, and most symptoms can be treated from home with pain medicine and rest.  

Make a safety plan in case you need emergency medical help. It’s very unlikely, but it’s important to be ready.

  • Identify the closest emergency room. You should be able to get there in 1 hour or less.  
  • Determine how you would get to the emergency room. It’s not safe to drive yourself in an emergency situation. 
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