Is medication abortion with Hey Jane safe?

Abortion, regardless of the type you have, is very safe. Having an abortion does not cause breast cancer or mental health issues. It also does not make it harder to have children in the future.

Hey Jane uses the same evaluation procedures and medications as an in-person medication abortion. Therefore, if you follow the instructions, we expect that it will be equally effective and safe. Complications from this treatment are very uncommon - they occur in less than 1% of patients. When used correctly, the medications work up to 98% of the time.

Hey Jane has several potential advantages over an in-person abortion with pills:

  • You don’t have to go in person to a clinic, which may make it more convenient and less costly.
  • You may be able to schedule the consult sooner than you could go to a clinic for treatment.
  • It may be more private because you can speak with a Hey Jane provider from your home.

Hey Jane may also have disadvantages for some:

  • If someone other than you opens the package that you're mailed, they could find out that you are having an abortion.

Since Hey Jane does not require blood tests or ultrasounds:

  • Your risk for an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy outside the uterus) may be increased. Ectopic pregnancies are very rare.
  • It is possible that your pregnancy dating (how far along you are in your pregnancy) could be inaccurate. Taking the abortion pills later in your pregnancy is not unsafe; however, you can have more bleeding or the treatment may not work.

While very unlikely, if the treatment does not work or if you any problem occurs, your Hey Jane provider will make sure you get the care you need every step of the way.

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