What’s the difference between a medication abortion (an abortion with pills) and an in-clinic procedural abortion?

For ending a pregnancy in the first trimester, there are a few options:

  • A medication abortion at a clinic
  • A medication abortion online (like with Hey Jane)
  • An in-clinic procedural abortion  


A medication abortion is when you can take pills to end a pregnancy at home (or a location of your choosing). It is approved for pregnancies up to 10 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. The pills cause bleeding in order to pass the pregnancy, similar to an early miscarriage.

You can get a medication abortion two different ways:

  1. At a clinic: You will have an in-person visit with a medical provider, who will give you the abortion pills to take at home.

  2. Through a telemedicine consultation, like with Hey Jane: Your consultation is done online from your home, and your provider will mail the medications directly to you - these are the same medications that you would get from a clinic.


Procedural abortion in the first trimester is performed by a trained provider at a healthcare facility. Gentle suction is used to remove the pregnancy. It can be used for pregnancies up to 12-14 weeks*, depending on your state’s laws.

All of these options are safe and effective, so your choice should be based on what’s important to you.

* Depending on your state’s laws, procedural abortions may be possible after 14 weeks. To learn more about your state’s laws or to find a clinic near you, please visit our Resources page or ineedana.com.
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