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Announcing: The Lounge at Hey Jane

Our private peer-to-peer support forum is a no-judgment zone for patients to connect, find camaraderie, and be in community with one another.

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At Hey Jane we want our patients to know: You’re not alone. 

One in four people who are able to become pregnant will have an abortion in their lifetime. But for far too long, stigma and shame around abortion has silenced many of the people at the very center of this common, safe medical treatment. So we’re thrilled to announce the official launch of The Lounge at Hey Jane: A first-of-its-kind peer-to-peer forum that provides a much-needed support network for abortion patients from the comfort of home.

The Lounge is a private virtual space for Hey Jane patients (past and present) to connect, share their stories, ask questions, and be in community. The support forum is facilitated by Hey Jane registered nurse and doula Sally Rashid, and popular topics include experiences with treatment, abortion after-care, how to have conversations with loved ones, and more. Patients are able to anonymously and safely share whatever’s on their minds—when we say The Lounge is a no-judgment zone, we mean it.

"The Lounge gives people space to privately talk through their experience amongst those who can personally relate, something that is desperately needed in a culture that still stigmatizes abortion. At The Lounge, people are lifting each other up, providing reassurance, and offering tips to get through what can be a nuanced experience,” says Sally.

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Launching The Lounge became a priority for us because the data is striking: Two-thirds of people say they wouldn’t talk to their family or closest friends about their abortions, according to a recent study. We want to change that—and creating a dedicated space for conversation is a start.

"At Hey Jane we’re always striving to find innovative ways to address the full spectrum of our patients' needs: emotional, social and physical. We believe every person deserves a support system. With the launch of The Lounge, we hope that all of our patients will be able to access the benefits of a caring community, no matter what,” says Kiki Freedman, Hey Jane’s co-founder and CEO. “Enabling patients to connect with one another at the tap of a button, to support one another through an often isolating experience at any time and anywhere, is yet another way we see telehealth radically expanding our ability to offer complete care, on their terms.”

If you are receiving or have received treatment with Hey Jane, we welcome you to join at any time! Message us on Spruce for more info.

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Written by

Team Hey Jane

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