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Washington State Abortion Clinics

Abortion in Washington

Abortion is an incredibly common medical procedure. About  1 in 4 women will have at least one abortion in their lifetime. In Washington, you can have an abortion for any reason up until the pregnancy is determined to be viable (or around 23 weeks into the pregnancy). After that time, an abortion may be performed only if it’s medically necessary to save the pregnant person’s life. Not all clinics are set up to perform abortions after a certain gestational age, you can check to see your options on sites like

Meet Hey Jane: modern, virtual abortion care

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How to get an abortion at home in Washington

Washington state laws allow for telehealth medication abortion services, to find the pregnancy options currently available to you, you can check here

Hey Jane provides virtual abortion services to all people who are over 18 years old who are up to 10 weeks pregnant. If you’re interested, check that you live in an eligible state here and we’ll connect you with a licensed abortion provider via a secure chat. Your provider will review your health history and answer any of your questions about having a medication abortion. Once approved, you’ll receive your abortion medications in an unmarked box in 1-3 days.

Hey Jane offers text-support 7 days a week, from 10am to 8pm EST at (405) 342-3654. If you’re a current patient experiencing medical concerns, we are available 24-hours a day. If you have remaining questions, check out our resources for support, as well as our FAQs for answers to common questions.

Finding an Abortion Clinic in Washington

You may have noticed that television, movies, and anti-choice organizations sometimes imply that abortion clinics are dark, dirty, or scary places. The truth is, most clinics are clean, bright, and respectful of your wants and needs. Finding an abortion provider that you feel comfortable with is important, especially for those who feel vulnerable or nervous about seeking an abortion.

Some clinics only offer abortion procedures up until a certain gestational age, so you’ll want to consider how far along you are before scheduling. If you feel comfortable sharing your desire to have an abortion with your close friends or family, they may offer some recommendation. Cost will also need to be a consideration. We recommend researching the average cost of an abortion in Washington to figure out how best to pay for the procedure.

When searching for clinics online, use caution. You’ll want to avoid scheduling with a fake clinic, sometimes called a “crisis pregnancy center,” a type of organization that often appears clinical online and in-person, but are generally not medical clinics and are funded by anti-choice organizations aimed at preventing pregnant people from accessing abortion care. Our plugin is a helpful tool for locating real abortion clinics. You can search below to find the best options near you.

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