Abortion pills, including mifepristone, are still legal and available through Hey Jane.

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Unplanned pregnancy? Learn about your options

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering your options to end or continue the pregnancy, you are not alone. We’re here to help you explore your options. Learn more now.

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Unplanned pregnancy options

Learning that you’re pregnant, whether or not the pregnancy was intended, is a unique experience that can often be overwhelming. For unintended pregnancies in particular, choosing how to move forward can be difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help you in making your choice, whether you’re thinking about continuing or ending your pregnancy.


Raising a child is a unique experience and everyone has their own personal reason for becoming a parent. Parenting can be a fulfilling and life-changing experience, but it can also be stressful. If you’re considering continuing your pregnancy and becoming a parent, make sure you are in charge of your decision. If you’re feeling pressured or coerced into a parenting role, speak with someone you trust about your concerns.

Be aware of fake clinics, sometimes called “crisis pregnancy centers.” These are organizations which work deceptively to deceive and manipulate overwhelmed pregnant people out of getting accurate abortion info. They may appear clinical online and in-person, but they’re generally not medical clinics and are funded by large anti-choice associated organizations and American taxpayers. Non-profit websites like Ineedana.com are helpful tools in locating real abortion clinics without the risk of stumbling into an anti-choice 'crisis pregnancy center'. 

Other things to consider when making a decision include your health and medical history, your financial situation, and your support system. Having a community, a safe partner, or close family in early parenthood positively impacts mental health and decreases the risk of postpartum depression. If you need more space to work out your concerns, many medical clinics offer support counseling services to pregnant people.


Adoption is a valid option for anyone choosing to continue their unplanned pregnancy, and you deserve to feel sure of your choice, without pressure from others and with the support of a community.

Adoption involves carrying your pregnancy to term and allowing someone else to raise the child. The legal aspects vary state to state, but many times the process occurs through an adoption agency, which is an organization that helps coordinate and navigate the process. 

Before making a decision, check in with yourself and your feelings around what can be a challenging decision. Will you feel comfortable letting someone else raise your child? Do you feel mentally and physically capable of pregnancy and childbirth? Do you have a strong support system as you navigate the pregnancy and adoption process? 

For more information on choosing adoption, please visit the Choice Network or Planned Parenthood.


Using medication or having a procedure to end your unplanned pregnancy is common. In fact, approximately 1 in 5 pregnancies and more than half of unintended pregnancies end in abortion. There are many reasons a person may choose to have an abortion including health concerns, personal timing, or just feeling like they’re not ready to become a parent. This decision is very personal—simply wanting an abortion is reason enough to have one. Support from your family and friends when making this choice is helpful, but the decision of whether or not to end the pregnancy is your choice alone.

Medication abortion AKA “the abortion pill”

A medication abortion, also often referred to as “the abortion pill,” is a safe way to end a pregnancy up to 10 weeks in gestational age. Many people find a medication abortion their best option because the process can be completed at home or in any comfortable place. Medication abortions are generally more cost-effective than a procedural abortion and don’t require a procedure in a doctor’s office. Medication abortions are 98% effective in ending a pregnancy in the first 10 weeks and can be prescribed via telehealth services. Telemedicine abortion is as safe and effective as receiving the pills in-person at a clinic.

Meet Hey Jane: modern, virtual abortion care

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Meet Hey Jane: modern, virtual abortion care

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Hey Jane offers virtual visits and abortion pills online for people seeking a medication abortion. Care with Hey Jane is very safe, effective, and discreet. To be eligible for treatment with Hey Jane, you must be over 18 years of age and 10 weeks or less gestational age. To sign up for treatment, you would first verify that you are in an eligible state (you can see the most up-to-date list of states here). Then, you’d speak with a licensed medical provider via secure chat (or an optional video or phone appointment, if you prefer). A medical provider will review your health history and answer any of your questions. Once approved, you’ll receive the abortion medications in an unmarked box in 1-5 days.

Procedural abortion

Procedural abortions (sometimes also called a surgical abortion, although they don't often involved any cutting or scraping) are abortions performed in a clinic. A procedural abortion used in pregnancies up to a gestational age of 14-16 weeks is also known as aspiration abortion or suction abortion, during which a medical provider uses gentle suction to remove the pregnancy. After 16 weeks, the procedure may also involve cervical dilation, which is usually accompanied by some extra cramping. Procedural abortions are safe and effective andare performed in a medical clinic by a medical provider. Some people prefer procedural abortion because the procedure is fast, or because they feel reassured by the presence of a trained medical provider. In first trimester procedural abortions, vaginal bleeding post-abortion may be lighter than with a medication abortion, although this is not always the case.

Neither medication abortion nor procedural abortion cause any harm to future pregnancies or decrease your chances of becoming pregnant in the future. Abortion does not increase your risk of getting cancer. Abortion is actually safer than childbirth and having your wisdom teeth removed. The medications used in a medication abortion are safer than taking penicillin or Tylenol!

Who can I talk to about my options?

For many people, the decision about what to do about an unplanned pregnancy is easy. For some, it is more difficult. Whatever you are experiencing is completely normal. If you are having a difficult time making a decision about a pregnancy, it can be helpful to speak to a non-judgmental and informed person. There are many organizations that provide support to people at any stage in a pregnancy regardless of what they choose. Again, be wary of fake clinics and “crisis pregnancy centers” when searching for help. All-Options is a free phone and text hotline that is run by compassionate, trained volunteers who are eager to support anyone trying to make a decision about an unplanned pregnancy. You can also find more resources on our support page here.

Meet Hey Jane: modern, virtual abortion care

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Written by

Sally Rashid, RN BSN

Sally Rashid is a Registered Nurse and writer living in Detroit, Michigan. She has worked in reproductive care for a decade as a doula, nurse, and advocate for abortion access. Sally was a 2020 winner of Yes, And Laughter Lab's competitive incubation program for her work as writer and co-creator of Darling, a dark comedy about an abortion clinic at constant risk of closure. On top of writing for the beauty and healthcare industries, Sally is an all-around creative lady who loves music, making connections, and chilling with her two cats.

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