How do I spot a CPC (Crisis Pregnancy Center)?

CPCs are often made to look like medical facilities and use tactics like free ultrasounds or diapers to lure people in. They might have volunteer nurses or doctors, but many do not. They generally do not practice medicine (outside of an occasional ultrasound or STI test), and they do not provide true information or use standard medical ethics. They may offer "abortion reversal" (which is not safe), falsely imply abortion causes infertility or breast cancer or even long term mental trauma, myths that have been proven fals through years of scientific research.. Look for the words ``pregnancy options'', “pregnancy resource center”, “pregnancy care center”, “pregnant and scared?”, or “need help?” in internet search results, advertisements, and signage. Call before you walk in, ask what services they provide and ensure they are open discussing all of your options. If at any point they won’t explain who they are or what services they offer, or if they refuse to refer you to an abortion provider, they might be a CPC.

Here are two sites to help you identify CPCs in your area:

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