What is a CPC (Crisis Pregnancy Center) and why should I avoid them?

A CPC or Crisis Pregnancy Center is a fake clinic. While they may offer free services like ultrasounds or parenting classes, their mission is to stop you from getting abortion care. CPCs are not regulated like regular medical clinics, and though they may appear clinical, they’re not real health care facilities. CPCs often tell people inaccurate information about abortion, contraception, STDs, and sexual health in general. Because they’re not a medical clinic, they’re not required to give accurate medical information or services. They sometimes prevent or delay people from receiving medical care by withholding their medical records. At Hey Jane, we discourage our patients from using the services CPCs provide.

When looking for a place to have an ultrasound performed, confirm your pregnancy, or find your real pregnancy options, know that a trustworthy medical clinic will answer all of your questions related to your pregnancy and won’t hesitate to help you find an abortion provider.

Here are two trusted sites to guide you to legitimate abortion providers:

At Hey Jane, we are a fully accredited and regulated abortion provider and are happy to help keep you informed and comfortable, so that you can make the best choice for you.

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