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What are abortion funds, and how can they help pay for an abortion?

An abortion fund provides financial assistance to qualifying patients who need help paying for their abortion care. Here’s what you need to know—from how they work to the ways they can support you.

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For people seeking an abortion, they may find that the cost of care is a barrier to getting the treatment they need. In addition to the treatment itself, there are other associated costs that might come up—including transportation to or from a clinic, paying for childcare, and lost wages from missing work. What’s more, financial barriers to abortion access disproportionately impact marginalized groups, including Black, Indigenous, and undocumented people. 

If you’re worried about paying for your abortion, know that you’re not alone. But there are ways you can get help, including through abortion funds—which can offer financial assistance and practical support for people seeking an abortion. 

Individual clinics (including Hey Jane) or the National Abortion Federation Hotline can connect you with abortion funds. You can also apply for financial assistance yourself through abortion funds.

What is an abortion fund?

An abortion fund is an organization or group of people that will help cover costs for those who need assistance paying for abortion care. On top of the treatment itself, some funds may also help pay for “practical support”: transportation to and from clinics, hotel stays, childcare, and other logistical needs that might come up when accessing abortion care.

Every abortion fund has its own guidelines and eligibility rules; some may focus on a specific state or geographic area, while others may support specific demographics or types of patients. Abortion funds are often run by volunteers, which means that response wait times vary depending on the organization. Their funding comes from donations made by individuals and organizations. 

How much does an abortion cost?

It’s important to know how much treatment may cost before reaching out to an abortion fund. Abortion care costs will vary depending on  a variety of factors, including where you live, how many weeks pregnant you are, and whether you’re receiving care in-person or virtually (through a telemedicine clinic like Hey Jane). Abortion procedures could cost anywhere from $500-$1,195, while the cost of medication abortion (aka abortion pills) ranges from $40-$600 or more. If you’re considering going to a clinic in your area, call them directly for costs. If you’re using a telemedicine clinic, you’ll see the cost listed on the website—at Hey Jane, we offer a sliding scale from $199 for patients paying out of pocket who are needing financial assistance; treatment with us  includes the medicines, shipping, and medical and emotional support from our clinical care team. (For more info on abortion care costs and options in your area, check out ineedana.com.)

How much do abortion funds cover?

Exactly how much an abortion fund can cover for each abortion depends on the fund and the individual patient’s circumstances. If one fund can’t pay for all of the costs associated with an abortion, they may be able to cover part of the costs or help the person find other resources. It’s possible to apply to more than one abortion fund at a time.

Meet Hey Jane: modern, virtual abortion care

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Meet Hey Jane: modern, virtual abortion care

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How does applying for financial assistance from an abortion fund work?

It’s important to first figure out some details surrounding your abortion care. You’ll want to know where you’ll be receiving treatment, how much your treatment option costs, and how much you’re able to cover on your own.

Once you have your plan in place, reach out to the clinic to see if they have any partnerships with abortion funds in place.

Here’s how to apply:

  1. Look up the abortion fund the clinic has a partnership with, or search the National Network of Abortion Funds directory for funds by location (either your address or state, or a clinic’s address or state). Make sure to also scroll down and click “List All National” to view all funds that offer nationwide assistance.
  2. Read all the way through the instructions once you’ve found an abortion fund. The instructions will give you details on qualification criteria and the best way to connect.
  3. Reach out to many different abortion funds. Applying for multiple funds opens up more opportunities to secure financial assistance for as many aspects of abortion care as possible.

Can you get financial assistance to cover your Hey Jane treatment?

Yes! Hey Jane has partnered with a number of abortion funds to make it as easy as possible for qualifying patients to receive financial assistance on part or most of their Hey Jane treatment. Each fund supports a unique set of Hey Jane patients.

Here’s the list of our current abortion fund partners:

  • ACCESS Reproductive Justice: This Hey Jane Official Partner can provide financial assistance to qualifying Hey Jane patients receiving care in California. 
  • Chicago Abortion Fund: This Hey Jane Official Partner can provide financial assistance to qualifying Hey Jane patients receiving care in Illinois.
  • Cobalt Abortion Fund: This Hey Jane Official Partner can provide financial assistance to qualifying Hey Jane patients receiving care in Colorado.
  • Indigenous Women Rising: This Hey Jane Official Partner can provide financial assistance to qualifying Indigenous or Native American Hey Jane patients.
  • National Abortion Federation Hotline: This Hey Jane Official Partner can provide financial assistance to qualifying Hey Jane patients receiving care in any of the states we’re currently serving.
  • Northwest Abortion Access Fund: This Hey Jane Official Partner can provide financial assistance to qualifying Hey Jane patients receiving care in Washington.
  • West Fund: This Hey Jane Official Partner can provide financial assistance to qualifying Hey Jane patients receiving care in Colorado or New Mexico.

How can you get financial assistance for Hey Jane treatment?

To apply for and use financial assistance from an abortion fund with Hey Jane, take the following steps:

  1. Reach out to the partner fund(s) in your state (where you live or where you’re accessing care) by following the specific instructions on our Resources page.
  2. Pay close attention to the expected response time listed under the fund you’re reaching out to—they vary from fund to fund.
  3. If you’re confirmed for financial assistance through a fund, you’ll be given a unique code that you’ll be asked to enter when checking out with Hey Jane.

How can you support abortion funds and the work they do?

Abortion funds rely on donations to continue to do this important work. According to the National Network of Abortion Funds, in 2019 a network of over 90 grassroots organizations directly supported 56, 155 people obtaining abortions—but that was only 26% of the calls these funds received during that time period. Donations are so important because it allows these groups to reach even more patients.

Another way you can support abortion funds is by volunteering your time—many funds are powered by volunteers, and are always looking for people who can help out in some way. Anyone who would like to support a fund can visit their website (see a full list of funds in the United States here) to learn more about how to contribute.

About Hey Jane

Hey Jane is a virtual clinic offering telemedicine prescription of abortion pills for medically eligible people over 18 years old and up to 10 weeks pregnant. After you’ve confirmed and verified that you live in a state that’s eligible for Hey Jane (California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Virginia, or Washington), you’ll speak with a licensed abortion provider through a secure messaging platform who will review your medical history and answer any questions you have. Once you’re approved for medication abortion, you’ll receive your prescription in an unmarked package within 1-5 business days.

Get more info on Hey Jane’s official fund partners on our Resources page.

Meet Hey Jane: modern, virtual abortion care

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Written by

Sarah duRivage-Jacobs (MPH)

Sarah duRivage-Jacobs is a New York-based writer and editor of words dealing with reproductive health and abortion access. She received her Masters of Public Health degree in Community Health.

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