Abortion pills, including mifepristone, are still legal and available through Hey Jane.

Let's talk about Reproductive Rights

From issues like abortion and birth control access to health equity and immigration, the fight for bodily autonomy has often been led by women and those who transcend the gender binary. All people who can become pregnant are negatively impacted by discrimination against women, especially in a society preoccupied with controlling their bodies. While the fight for women’s equality has been long fought, it’s nowhere near over. Access to birth control and abortion is a social and global development issue that’s impacted by race, class, and gender. When women are able to control when and if they want children, they are able to write their own stories and participate in society to the degree they desire. Today, we also look to build a broad understanding of feminism, one that includes the full intersection of class and race and one that welcomes alternatives to the gender binary. Read more to learn about the issues impacting women and all menstruating people.