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Hey Jane: Year In Review 2023

A year of reproductive and sexual health care, by the numbers.

Written by

Team Hey Jane

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From day one, we at Hey Jane have been driven by our vision of a future in which everyone has access to quality reproductive and sexual health care wherever and whenever they need it. So coming into 2023, our mission was clear: Continue to work as hard as possible to get our best-in-class, patient-centered care to as many people as possible.

From becoming the first fully virtual abortion clinic to accept insurance, to launching in many more states, to expanding our services to other equally critical reproductive and sexual health care needs, to publishing our first clinical white paper reporting on the safety of virtual care, we can look back and 2023 and be proud of the impact we’ve had.

And while there continue to be roadblocks to care and attacks on bodily autonomy, there was plenty in 2023 that gave us hope: We saw our community stand up and speak out about the abortion pill facts, state legislators pass “shield laws” to protect abortion patients and providers, and voters continue to show up in support of reproductive freedom.

Our work isn’t done—hello, 2024!—but we’re as committed as ever. Thank you to everyone who has trusted us with their care, helped a loved one get care with us, or supported our work so far. With your help, we are creating the future we want to see.

Here’s a look at Hey Jane by the numbers in 2023:

24,760 people (and counting!) received the reproductive and sexual health care they needed

During this pivotal moment for access, we’re proud of the impact we’ve had in getting people care safely, discreetly, and quickly, all from the comfort and convenience of their phone. Since our founding, we’ve helped more than 45,000 patients.

20 states (plus the District of Columbia) where Hey Jane is now available

Access means everything to us—especially in this post-Roe world—which is why we doubled our footprint in 2023, bringing us to coverage where 66% of the national abortion volume takes place. If you’re in CA, CO, CT, DE, DC, HI, IL, ME, MD, MA, MN, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OR, RI, VT, VA, or WA (residency not required), you may be eligible for care with Hey Jane.

7 vital reproductive and sexual health services provided

From day one, we've been committed to providing safe, discreet medication abortion treatment (no in-person clinic visit necessary)—but we’ve always known that our patients’ many reproductive and sexual health care needs deserve to be supported, too. That’s why we were so proud to expand our services to include birth control, emergency contraceptives, and treatment for UTIs, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and herpes, in addition to medication abortion care.

5 new insurance plans accepted—expanding covered access to more than 14 million people

In 2023 we became the first fully virtual abortion provider to accept insurance, with Aetna, Cigna Healthcare, Empire BlueCross BlueShield, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, and Sana Benefits covering care with Hey Jane. (Check out this New York Times article for a glimpse into why this is such a big deal.) We’re actively expanding our coverage and look forward to adding even more plans in 2024.

15% of our expert clinical care team are also trained doulas

While our clinical team members are truly authorities in the field (averaging 13 years of experience in reproductive and sexual health care), they bring more than just medical expertise to the table: They’re also incredibly compassionate and kind, and able to provide emotional support to each and every patient that needs it.

7,900 posts in The Lounge, Hey Jane’s private patient forum

As the first private forum for verified abortion patients, The Lounge is a virtual space where Hey Jane patients can connect before, during, and after their treatment. Central to our innovative Complete Care model is providing not just medical and emotional care, but social support as well, and it’s incredible to see the safe and supportive space that our community of patients have built.

10 official Hey Jane abortion fund partners 

We expanded our abortion fund partner program in 2023, adding Colorado Doula Project, EMA Fund, and New River Abortion Access Fund to the list of incredible abortion funds that help Hey Jane patients cover their costs. The love goes both ways: Hey Jane supported our partners throughout the year, including matching all monthly donations made on Giving Tuesday.

3 amicus briefs filed in support of mifepristone access

With a baseless lawsuit targeting mifepristone winding its way through the courts this year, we knew it was vital to take a stand to set the record straight and protect this safe and essential medication. That’s why we were proud to join in amicus briefs filed with the Fifth Circuit court and the Supreme Court, alongside other leading reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations. (Our Co-Founder and CEO, Kiki Freedman, also wrote an op-ed for Cosmopolitan about this harmful litigation.)

12,087 people liked our cross-state care billboard campaign

We launched our first-ever billboard campaign at the center of abortion access in the Midwest: Illinois.⁠ Our number one focus is always on our patients—which is why it took us a while to invest in something this big. But as we approached the one-year mark since Roe was overturned, we couldn't ignore the data: In the year following the Dobbs decision, we saw a 301% increase in patients getting care in Illinois (the largest increase out of all the states we're in).⁠ One look at a map, and it's clear why. Illinois is surrounded by some extremely restrictive states—which means that we’ve been seeing both people traveling to Illinois from other states for care, as well as locals who have been facing incredibly long in-person clinic wait times.⁠ So we put up buddy billboards in four border spots—Gary, IN and Lansing, IL and then St. Louis, MO and East St. Louis, IL—to make sure people in and outside of Illinois knew that they can get fast, safe, private, affordable, and supportive care the moment they cross the border.⁠ Judging by the response we saw on social media and in the press, the campaign had a big impact.

190 college students empowered to speak out about abortion on campus this fall

Through our partnership with Advocates For Youth, we helped equip dozens of college students with the resources needed to get loud about access during their week of action. (Check out a few of the pics for inspiration!)

31 minutes of conversation about abortion with Vice President Kamala Harris

To mark the one-year anniversary since the Dobbs decision, the Vice President joined The Meteor’s podcast Undistracted, in a special episode sponsored by Hey Jane. Alongside host Brittany Packnett Cunningham, the two discussed the ways that abortion access has changed, how elected officials can protect it, and more. We believe that having open conversations about reproductive and sexual health care needs is essential—and are proud to have helped make this important discussion a reality.

Written by

Team Hey Jane

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