Possible Health, Inc.
Financial Assistance Policy


Possible Health, Inc. ("Possible Health” “we” or "us”) is a technology company that facilitates your ability to obtain products and services sold, offered or furnished by third-party medical providers or facilities ("Providers"). Possible Health offers different options for how to pay for your abortion treatment, including discounted pricing based on financial need and financial assistance through an abortion fund.


This Policy serves to ensure a fair and consistent method for allocating financial assistance to individuals needing help paying for Possible Health services taking into account an individual's
financial situation, Possible Health's mission and strategic goals. For those individuals demonstrating financial need, Possible Health can offer discounted pricing and/or connect an individual with abortion fund partners who can provide supplemental support. For more information on abortion funds please visit our website. Financial assistance will be granted based on the individual#s ability to pay for services.

General Guidelines

Individuals seeking financial assistance must complete the pre-intake questions via Get Started on the Possible Health website. Individuals must complete the intake questions and sign all consent forms in order to receive support. Individuals may submit information about their insurance provider. If Possible Health does not accept the insurance coverage, the individual may request financial assistance. Those requesting support will provide their annual income as a factor for determining the cost of service.

Eligibility Criteria Considered for Financial Assistance

  • Eligibility for Financial Assistance is considered separately from eligibility to access Possible Health abortion treatment services.
  • Individuals are eligible for discounted pricing based their income levels and meeting those conditions, with discounted pricing provided by Possible Health, Inc. ‍
  • In order to receive financial assistance, an individual must:
    - Income – Certify to their annual income.
  • Additional Available Abortion Funds – If an individual remains unable to pay for treatment following receipt of financial assistance, Possible Health can connect the individual to external Abortion funds that may be able to can cover a variety of abortion costs including, but not limited to the cost of medication. Multiple abortion funds may be used to cover services and resources needed depending on each individual’s situation. For more information on abortion funds please visit our website.


Individuals will have an opportunity to request financial assistance during both the pre-intake and intake questionnaires.


Possible Health staff will uphold the confidentiality and individual dignity in effectuating the financial assistance policy. Possible Health will comply with its privacy policies available.


Questions about the implementation of this policy should be directed to Possible Health at (405) 643-7957 or info@heyjane.co.

Certain Critical Information and Disclaimers:


Possible Health does not provide medical services or medical advice. Possible Health does not make any representations or warranties about the training or skill of any Providers who provide services via the Services. You are ultimately responsible for choosing your particular Provider, if any. All Providers are independent of Possible Health. Any information or advice received from a Provider comes from the Provider alone, and not from Possible Health. Possible Health is not responsible or liable for any advice obtained from a Provider or any other user of the Services. You acknowledge that your reliance on any information provided by any Provider or any other user via the Services is solely at your own risk. No doctor-patient relationship is created by use of the Services. Information you receive via the Services is not a substitute for a formal diagnosis or physical examination, and should not be used to treat a medical condition.

Do not ignore or delay obtaining professional medical advice because of information you obtain through the Services.